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Our Top Picks of the Best Mobile Games in 2017

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam:

Is a tactical shooter with realistic weapon simulations. There is a lot to learn, however with practice you can get used to the controls and the way the game mechanics work. There are some great team based game play which will keep you entertained for a long time.



This epic third person shooter will have you hooked for hours. Although the story can be a little thin the action and slow motion effects (which is initiated in one of two ways) make playing this game a dream.



Prey has a lot of elements from BioShock and Dead Space but also has many unique features that make playing this wonderfully designed world a lot of fun. Prey has some unique abilities and very original weaponry, which is hard to do with the amount of other games out there. There are times when the game play can get a little repetitive which can make the combat frustrating but in general its great fun.


What Remains of Edith Finch:

I found this to be a great first-person adventure game with huge amounts of story and exploration which really help bring this magical world to life. With its well-acted voiceover and charming sound track give the game life and will start to blur the line between reality and fantasy.



Believe me when I say this is a game which you will not have seen before. It’s amazing you can literally start out as anything and you can play as that single object for the whole thing or you can change to whatever object you want again and again. This is really a whole virtual world that continues to exist even if you’re not playing.…